Sunday, February 12, 2017

Update 02/12/17

Welp, between the super bowl, stupid hours at work (again), and staying up late (not getting enough sleep)...

Short version, fell back off the wagon.  Most of it my fault, some of it not.

But hey, next week is a new day.  My boy Mark Morrison has been killing it at his local gym.  Makes me proud and motivated to see someone else sticking with it through whatever issues he has to deal with.  Also stokes that competitive fire.  I want to beat him now.  LOL.

So, we're staring off fresh.... again.

Going to be using that little key Fob thing, going to be eating with the Body4Life plan.  Going to be great again.  haha!

Sunday, January 29, 2017

Weekly update 01/29/17

This week sucked from a fitness perspective.  Not even going to line out what I did, which wasn't much, at all...

Tuesday I got into the gym and got with one of the program coordinators, got this swanky key thing to use to track the machine part of the workouts, and got setup with that.  Then I got ill-ish, and didn't get back to the office till Friday.

Tracked food for about half the week, the stopped.

Might stop all together.  I do like the app though, it's a nice change from myfitnesspal, but it doesn't have near the library of scanned items (yet).  The reason I might stop, starting the following week (not next week), I'm going to go back to the Body4Life eating style.  Simple explanation, it's 6 meals, preferably 3 being protein shakes (MyoPlex specifically) and the other 3 being a serving of a protein, a carb, and get at least 2 veggies in over those 3 meals.  This worked wonders back in.... geez, 2001.  LOL.  Time to dust it off and get back in it for real.  I might end up ditching these workouts too, but not yet, I'll give them and the food some time to make a mark.

Sleep is still an issue.  Will be trying to get back under the cpap mask.  I can tell the quality isn't there, because, for the most part, the quantity is.

Sunday, January 22, 2017

Weekly update 1/23/17

Busy week.  Got to the gym 3 times.  Bro'd out with a lot of bench.

MON-- was a wash, didn't get to the gym, didn't get to work.  Ate moderately well, downloaded app
TUE--started using APP, says I should be losing weight.  haha.
WED-- took it easy today, biked for 2 miles, rowed 1k.  Got form to sign up for a tracker thing that the gym has, thinking about spending extra time doing cardio.
Thur-nothing, tracked food.
Friday, signed up for the tracker stuff, benched, curled.  Weight is up, but I've got stomach issues, think I'm retaining water, need to drink more.

Looking back on my updates.  I didn't appear to gain weight this week, but I'm 90% sure it was all retention of water.  Had an upset stomach for a day and a half, and I hadn't be drinking near enough (think about 40oz a day), so my body was holding on.

This coming Tuesday, I go in for my 60 minute eval.  Get a key fob which works for every machine (cardio or weights) and tracks all the activity.  Real way to stay accountable.  I plan on doing more cardio.  Saw some good results on the soccer field tonight, so this is a positive step in the right direction.

Other thoughts, I want to learn how to box.  Might take that up in 100 lbs.  :)

Another thought.  Hit middle age officially.  35.  Put up a FB video.  Did a shoutout to some of my fitness family in DE.  Only one person I mentioned, out of 15 or 20, said happy birthday.  Kinda sad about that.  They still mean the world to me, but I'm out of sight, out of mind I guess.  :|

Sunday, January 15, 2017

YO! Been a minute, how you doin?

Holy crap it's been too long.  Waaaaaaaaaay too long.  Good news thought, I'm back in a gym!

Here's the bad news though, I've gained most of my pre CrossFit weight back.  Sitting un-pretty at 472 as on Monday last week.  

Here's the good news.  I'm back in the gym.  I hit it three days last week, in a traditional gym, not a box.  Worked a bit of everything.  My thought process is that I'm waking my body up and saying hey, change (pain) is coming.  I've already got my process down, shaker cups and protein at the office, and things are rolling.  Up before 7 (doesn't matter when), dressed, at the office in 25 minutes, get about 25-40 minutes of office work in, then off to the gym.  40-70 minutes (depending on workout), shower, back up to the desk and on with the day.

Gets the metabolism going early.  Gets the workout out of the way.  Starts every day off with success and accomplishment.  Should be a great thing.

Other notes/plans:

Workout 4 days a week, if not 5.

Weigh myself every day, not every week.  I want to watch it all the way down.  I'm no longer a believer in waiting a week at a time for myself.  Might work for you, might work for others, but I want to do it every day so I can see my actions working or not working and tweak it.

I'm going to get back into tracking food.  Switching apps from myfitnesspal to MyNetDiary.

Need to figure out how I'm going to eat overall.  Might go back to Paleo, might go Keto.  Not sure.  I plan on adding these things in slowly rather than implementing all at once.  Going to build these habits one at a time until they're all ingrained.

Lastly, I'm changing up the habits on the CrossFit Nomad blog.  I plan on posting only once a week, and making it the same day every week (or at least in the same time frame of "the weekend").  The thought is that I'm going to write down quick things about each day, and then post it in a one week summary.

There is more on my mind, but I'm pooped at the moment.  Write more soon.

Friday, November 18, 2016

11/18/16 Update

Still moving forward folks, just giving a quick update. 

Ankle is in pieces.  I've been playing A LOT of soccer (had a tourney last weekend), and tennis 1-2 times a week.  Still not back on the weights.  Probably the first week of December as I'm back in the office then.

Rumors of a group fitness challenge coming up at or before New Years, looking forward to winning that. 

Be back soon. 

Monday, October 24, 2016

Saying goodbye to the old and hello to new beginnings.

This is a bit of an internal discussion, so it's going to be all over the place. 

I could give you a bunch of heady words, platitudes, hard luck stories... I could write up a lot of excuses as to why I am where I am, but I won't.  Truth is, I've been in a rut and have been unable to motivate myself to do anything.  3 months of dues to On Track, and I'd been a total of 3 times.  Now, sure, I was injured for a spell.  Had training for a spell.  Then there were 3 weeks where I made zero MF effort to go to the box. 


I showed up 3 times, and worked out by myself in the second gym.  But it wasn't the same.  I'm unmotivated.  My sense of community is gone.  I'm gone. 

So I quit.  I've left On Track.

What now? 

Well, I've spent that past 2 weeks working too much.  Most of it for "the man", but part of it on my own creation.  I want to spread those entrepreneurial wings.... will likely make a second blog just for that.  As for the fitness part, I'm giving CrossFit a break. I need the break from it, or at least thats how I'm rationalizing it. 

Ok.... so what does that mean for the blog?  Great question.  Short answer, I don't know.  I mean I'm not going to be Crossfitting, per se.  I'm starting a classing Wendler lifting regime tomorrow, and I'll keep posting things in here about my fitness journey.  My goals are still the same, and with this, I'm going to focus more on my strength and hitting my strength and weight loss goals from previous goal sheets. 

I want to get back to CrossFit.  I WILL get back to CrossFit, but it's going to be a few months of near solitary strength training with cardio tossed in for good measure.  On Track is, to use big business jargon, making the pivot.  They've had a bit of turnover in coaches and elite athletes, and they're making a more "gen pop/community" style box, which is probably a FANTASTIC move.  It's come too late to save me, as I liked the community there, but never fell in love like I did in not 1, but 2 Delaware boxes.  Still miss those folks something fierce, I have to say.

I'm hoping the time away gives me a chance to really miss my KS folks.  There are some awesome people in there, and I miss a few of them already, but I need to get back on my path, and this is the way I'm choosing to do it.

If I didn't say it before, the company gym is where I'm making my home.  Looking at 10am-ish workout sessions on most days.  Beat the lunch crowd.  Also, this is going to allow me the luxury of being able to make sure I have all my supplements nearby and easily accessible.  Not that they couldn't have been brought with me, but I've never successfully lived out of a gym bag.  Having the protein at my desk is going to make it simpler for me, and hopefully simple = success. 

I'm going to keep posting here as my journey to fitness continues.  I've been finding little bits of motivation here and there the past 2 weeks.  Met a bunch of cool dudes at Polo's wedding last weekend as a plus size, I want to destroy the image I left them with so the next time they come up to KC, I'll be a trimmer dude.  One guy, Mr. Striplin, even asked me how CrossFit was going.  Be honest, not the question I was expecting from someone I'd never met face to face before.  Obviously it wasn't going as well as I'd hoped (remember the 60 in 60 pledge?), so next time, I need progress to show him.  Also had a photo show up today from 5 years ago when I was larger than I am today.  Its the size I still feel I am right now... nothing like that to be like HEY, BUDDY, YOU AIN'T THERE YET!!  This isn't the sort of thing that I can fake it till I make it in. 

Anyway, I'm really starting to go all over the place mentally with the things I want to write.  It's 5:30 and I need to go home, it's been a long day at work.  Get some good rest and start fresh tomorrow.  Thanks for following, stay with me, we're going to get there, even if it takes a little bit longer. 

Apologies for spelling/grammar errors, it really had been a loooooong day.  Cheers. 

Wednesday, September 28, 2016


Squatted myself out of the gym last night.  This morning, knee is bugging me (outside, not the inside like it used to), and for some very strange reason, my shoulders/neck are sore.  I did front squats and burpees man, so I don't get the shoulder and neck.  Must have slept funny. 

Taking today off, back at it Thursday.  Slow slow slow comeback, but it's happening, and soon we're going to see the real progress. 

Health notes.  Had what was probably a hypoglycemic issue yesterday.  I felt "shaky" but I don't thing I exhibited any of the signs of it outwardly.  What I mean is no one was like "are you ok"?  Ate some lunch and some mixed nuts, and things seemed to iron themselves out.  Makes me really want to get back off caffeine and glucose, and back on Ketones.  More news as it develops....